Onlineexam Features

Features of JEXTN Online Exam:

  1. Admin can add Scientific calculator module.JE_NEW
  2. User can take the hints or do some mathematical calculations by given workspace.JE_NEW
  3. User can clear the selected answer.JE_NEW
  4. User can mark and review the question.JE_NEW
  5. User can see the next and previous question.JE_NEW
  6. User can attend the particular exam for more than one time.JE_NEW
  7. Create exam depending on the settings at the admin.
  8. Create question and answers to particular exam.
  9. Support Paypal , EBS and ccAvenue payment gateway.
  10. Certificate Template : Admin can modify the certificate template. It has some useful tags such us ({candidate_name},{registration_number},{exam_result}... etc).
  11. Add many number of exams with logo and examination settings.
  12. For each and every exams, admin can set the timer, exam marks and marks for each question ...etc.
  13. Exam is published based on the selected date in the exam edit view.
  14. Admin can view the particular result for particular candidate from Exam result.
  15. Admin can view each and every exam report in the percentage format.
  16. Admin can view each and every exam report column such as Exam Name,Exam dates,Total Passed ,Total Failed ,Total not attended ,Total candidates ,Result in [%].
  17. Admin can view each and every candidate information under "Candidate overview page" and admin can change their details.
  18. All the exams will be displayed in the "Exam overview" page.
  19. Exam overview page shows the details such as Exam Name , Type ,Fees,Time [minute] , Publishing Date,Status,Action.
  20. Only the authorized users can be able to attend the exams.
  21. User can register as free or pay for the exams from exam overview page.
  22. After the successfull payment user can start the paid exam.
  23. After finishing exam user can see the results using registration number on published date of results.
  24. User can download their result after successfull searching.
  25. Admin can add mathematical notations to questions by math_editor plugin(Available in the pack).
  26. Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, etc..